Take Regular Upholstery Cleaning Seriously

Avoid These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Upholstery Furniture

Professional upholstery cleaning services are not just about cleaning upholstery furniture. It’s about keeping the environment safe and healthy for everyone. In this busy life, many people often ignore their upholstery furniture due to a lack of time and attention. However, keeping your upholstery furniture clean and germ-free is still important, especially for your family. Below are some common mistakes that you should avoid when cleaning your upholstery furniture.

Not checking the upholstery’s fabric

Upholstery fabrics are often the first thing to get dirty and stained. If you’re not sure if the fabric is machine-washable or not, you should never try to wash it by hand. Instead, speak to your upholstery cleaner and ask them what they recommend. Upholstery fabrics can range from light to heavy-duty. You’ll have to look at the fabric’s weight and care instructions to find out what you can do! If you don’t know what to do, it’s best to leave it to a professional who can handle everything in one visit!

Using the wrong cleaning method

You should also not just use your vacuum cleaner to clean a carpet. Make sure to also use the right cleaning method when removing tough stains on your upholstery furniture. Instead of scrubbing the stains with a brush or a hard brush, you should blot the stains with a clean cloth. You should also make sure to use gentle pressure when blotting the stains. This should help you remove the stains without causing any damage to the fabric.

Using the Wrong Solution

Avoid using the wrong solutions when cleaning your upholstery furniture. Some dish soap is not effective in removing dirt and stains from your upholstery furniture. You can even end up causing damage to it because of the chemical reactions. Some cleaners are also not effective at removing stubborn stains. Better find someone who is skilled and trained in the field.

Make sure that you do not end up making these mistakes when hiring an expert to clean your upholstery in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. If you are looking for an expert that will give you the right upholstery cleaning you need and more, know that you can always count on California Carpet Care. Give us a call at (909) 254-6952 now!

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