Common Tile Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Be Sure to Clean Your Tile Floors Properly

Tile flooring, grout, and other comparable surfaces are generally simple to keep clean and maintain and have a decent level of durability. However, some people have a propensity to turn to more extreme cleaning techniques that, regrettably, can result in discoloration and a generally unpleasant appearance of the surfaces when sweeping and light mopping do not seem to be sufficient. Here are some of the most typical tile cleaning blunders to stay away from:

Missing Regular Cleaning

To keep your floors in pristine condition, wet clean your kitchen and bathroom every two weeks. Tile floors should be swept or cleaned regularly to remove the grit that can dull the tile’s finish.

Use of Harsh Cleaning Agents

For routine tile maintenance and cleaning, you should avoid strong chemicals like bleach, muriatic acid, and others. Splashes or spills from these chemicals can harm nearby appliances or other fixtures and pose major health risks. Additionally, when used for longer periods, cleaning solutions with harsh chemicals can cause early deterioration of the tile and eventual damage.

Extreme and Vigorous Scrubbing

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning your tiles thoroughly can really cause more harm than good. Scrubbing your tiles vigorously over time can dull and wear out the grout. On your tiled surfaces, never use steel wool, abrasive cleaning agents, or any other scrubbing materials. Use mops and soft cleaning materials instead.

Using Dirty Water and a Dirty Mop

Although it should go without saying, pouring soiled water around your flooring could just make things worse for you! Watch the water during the cleaning process to see if it has to be changed more frequently or if the mop is the problem. A frequently used mop needs to be thoroughly rinsed after every clean and replaced every few months.

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