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Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips

There are some commercial spot-cleaning agents, that remove the coating of the carpet and damage the dyes. We have several safe techniques for you.

  1. coffee stainOrganic stains – blood, berries, candy, chocolate, coffee, gravy, ice cream and others.
    • Cleaner: The best carpet cleaning detergent for such stains is hydrogen peroxide. It breaks them down without harming the carpet and the colors. You can acquire it from any drug store. First remove any solid parts of the stain. Then blot the liquids and rinse several times.If the stain remains, treat it with soapy water, then rinse again.
  2. Mud stains 
    • Allow it to dry first. Then break off the solid pieces and vacuum. Rinse with soapy water. Avoid using the Peroxide.
  3. Alkaline stains – cat urine, beer and others.
    • Ask any carpet cleaning service, and they will all agree, that white vinegar is the best solution for alkaline stains. It neutralizes them because it’s a mild acid. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water. Blot the spill up and rinse it. If it’s still there, use soapy water and rinse again.
  4. Wine StainAcidic stains – ketchup, mixed drinks, soy sauce, watercolor paints and others.
    • Use ammonia to neutralize the acidic spill. One tablespoon of ammonia is mixed in half a cup of water. This carpet cleaning mix should not be used on wool because it destroys the fibers. Keep in mind that ammonia is toxic and should not be ingested. Use good ventilation. Blot up the liquid, remove any hard material and spray the ammonia solution over the stain. Blot up again and rinse. Treat it with soapy water if the stain persists. If that fails too, get some hydrogen peroxide or call the carpet cleaning service.
  5. dirty furniture cleaningOil stains – oil, wax, crayon, grease, lotion, ink, makeup and others.
    • Use alcohol as a carpet cleaning agent. It dissolves the materials and is much safer than commercial spot-cleaners. Don’t dilute it with water. Blot up or scrape off as much as possible. Rub the alcohol in with a towel or a ball of cotton. If the stain is only on the surface, rub in the direction of the fibers. If the stain is still there, follow the aforementioned procedures – soapy water and hydrogen peroxide.

We hope you find our article useful and we want to remind you, that you can trust California Carpet Care for any carpet cleaning job in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and the area. Reach us at (909) 254-6952.

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