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Quick Guide To Carpet Cleaning And Maintenance

Most people use vacuum cleaners to take care of their carpets. But do you know how much dirt vacuums miss? Back in the day, door to door salesmen would spill some dirt on your carpet, vacuum it, then demonstrate how perfect his vacuum cleaner is. That, as you may already know, is not the reality that we live in. Most dirt gets in the threads and fibers of the carpet and doesn’t come out with vacuuming. Such stains and dirt are very hard to remove.

We have several tips for you on how to handle heavy stains and old dirt

  • vacuuming a carpetThe first thing to do is keep your carpet as clean as you can. The less dirt in your carpet, the better. Put a ban on shoes inside the house and place sturdy doormats on all entrances.
  • Vacuum frequently in order to prevent dirt from embedding itself into the fibers. Spend more time over places that get a more frequent use – around doors, high-traffic areas, halls and other.
  • The safest, easiest and most efficient method is taking them to the carpet cleaning service. You can also acquire the services of a steam cleaning company, or do it yourself if you have the proper equipment.

Dealing with spots and stains:

  • Wine stain on a carpet.Don’t try rubbing the stain out! You will just push the spill around and make it bigger. Besides, it makes the fibers mat. Take a clean towel instead, and soak it up. Press down on it as hard as you can. Use dry towels and repeat until the spill has been absorbed. For larger spills, use a vacuum cleaner for water. If you don’t have one, try not to make the spill bigger and absorb it with a sponge, or several sponges.
  • Use soapy water for carpet cleaning instead of detergents. Dilute some liquid soap in a bucket of water and you’ve got yourself an excellent cleaning solution. Some detergents are too strong and end up damaging the color, others may have a sticky residue. That’s why soapy water is the right choice for carpet cleaning.
  • After cleaning with your new home-made detergent, make sure you repeat the task with clean water and then blot the area with more dry towels. Repeat the soap and water procedures until no more residue is coming out. Rule number one still applies to this situation – do not rub it!

We hope our article helps you with the carpet cleaning. If you ever find yourself in need of a professional carpet cleaning service, however, we recommend you give California Carpet Care a call. We operate in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and are available at (909) 254-6952.

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