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Furniture and upholstery cleaning

California Carpet Care is a trusted and proven leader for upholstery cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga. We can wipe the everyday smudges and stains right out of your favorite piece of furniture or upholstery material with no hassle and no fuss. Our company, is using industry leading techniques and offers professional and safe alternatives to having to clean up the mess you’ve made. Sure, you want to keep your favorite furniture looking as beautiful as possible and that’s why we’re here! Call us now on (909) 254-6952 to get your instant free quote.

Offering upholstery cleaning, our company takes the hard work off your hands and makes sure we’ve got your upholstery looking like it just rolled off the factory floor. You’ll be showroom clean in no time and with no sweat off your back. Don’t be swindled by the other guys that promise to get your upholstery clean with the same old techniques they use for any other cleaning job. California Carpet Care, over the years in the cleaning business, understands the delicate nature of cleaning upholstery thoroughly and safely.

Red sofaWe also understand that your upholstered piece is important to you and that makes it important to us. We understand that every piece is different and while some fabrics may be the same in design they may require different cleaning techniques. Our experience shows that  upholstery and furniture cleaning must be approached delicately and patiently.

If you want your upholstery steam or dry cleaning done the right way, don’t just leave it to anyone. Come to a trusted name in the business that offers what you’ve asked for. Upholstery cleaning isn’t like cleaning a shirt or a dish, upholstered pieces have their own character and California Carpet Care is in the business of bringing out the personality that was there when your favorite piece was brand new.