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Carpet Cleaning

California Carpet Care applies successfully implemented methods in carpet cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and the surrounding areas. They are approved and strongly recommended by customers who have used our services. Depending on the carpet we use various methods for removing accumulated dirt and unwanted stains and spots. We mostly utilize seven different techniques of carpet cleaning.

  1. Bonnet Cleaning is a very good method for an interim cleanup. Although a liquid is distributed it is a partial clean up and does not need additional time for drying. The cleaning itself is accomplished by means of a rotating buffer on which an absorbent pad is attached. After the liquid is spread the pad absorbs it together with the dirt and soil. It can be changed, washed and replaced to use again. The advantage of this method is that the carpet dries quickly. It is used for carpets which have only small particles and superficial layers of dust and are not heavily soiled with sand and grit.
  2. Absorbent Dry Compound – This method involves powders consisting of sponge particles, which are pre-moistened with detergents and dry solvents. The compound is sprinkled all over the carpet by means of a hand or mechanical brush. Once it is mixed with the carpet fibers the dirt is vacuumed up together with the compound. The time for drying is very short as little moisture is used.
  3. The foam method – This method is applied by means of foam distribution. Once distributed with foam the carpet is agitated with rotary brushes. After the dirt is mixed with the foam, it is vacuumed from the carpet. This takes less time than shampooing and works with the same principle.
  4. Shampooing – Shampoo carpet cleaning involves rotor brushes that release liquid cleaning products. They are scrubbed into the carpet and thus the shampooing process is produced. The dirt is captured by the foam as it dries. After drying, general vacuuming is applied which gathers all left dirt and soil particles. It is ideal for low cut pile carpets which have a high percentage of soil.
  5. Hot water extraction and shampoo – This method is especially efficient for cleaning highly stained carpets. It is a two step process. Firstly the shampoo is applied with a rotary brush to loose the dirt and secondly the shampoo is rinsed by means of hot water extraction.
  6. Hot water extraction or “steam” cleaning – This method does not apply steam but the name refers to a solution of hot water and detergents that are sprayed onto the carpet under pressure. The high pressure creates the effect of steam and takes the dirt out with the solution which attracts it. It is then vacuumed through a wet vacuum system. This is a fantastic method for average to heavily soiled carpets.
  7. In-Plant Carpet Cleaning – this specialized method is used for loose or valuable rugs. The carpets are washed through a duster rather than routine vacuuming.

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