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The Benefits of Synthetic Carpets, With Reference to Carpet Cleaning. As a carpet cleaning company, we have worked with every carpeting material there is, and gained a lot of experience working with synthetic carpets. There are a lot of tricks to keeping them clean and well maintained. In this article, we will compare the strong and weak sides of the most popular synthetic carpeting materials – nylon and polyester. Nylon is probably the more popular of the two. It has some very nice properties: It is very elastic. It stretches out to a third of its original length and returns  [ Read More ]

No Time For Window Cleaning? Gone are the days of the local man with his trusty bike, bucket and rag. Window cleaning has become a more sophisticated job, often hazardous. With buildings growing higher, making them more difficult to reach with just normal ladders. Anyone who has tried to clean their windows know its not that easy. Using every day household cleaning products just don’t cut it anymore; resulting sometimes in your windows looking smeared and greasy, or leaving a powdery substance in their wake. The Benefits Of Using A Professional Window Cleaning Service. Convenience. Whether you are a hard working  [ Read More ]

Carpet Cleaning Tips For Choosing A Durable Carpet As an experienced carpet cleaning service, we know what type of carpet is best suited for every type of room. High-traffic areas are the most important hot spots to consider when installing new carpets. Such areas get a lot of wear and tear, and require more frequent carpet cleaning. Not all carpets are suitable for that much stress, however. Starting with the synthetic fibers, nylon is one of the best choices for high-traffic areas. It is very resilient and regains it’s original shape no matter how much wear and tear you apply  [ Read More ]

There is nothing worse than walking through your living room and smelling an awful odor coming from your carpet. Although there are dozens of methods that teach you how to get the smell out of your carpet, we guarantee that there’s nothing better than routine maintenance. Keeping your carpet clean and neat at all times is the ultimate solution to a fresh smelling carpet. Here’s what you should do. 1. No shoes on the carpet rule. The key to a clean carpet is keeping the dirt out of it. The best way to do this is to implement a no  [ Read More ]

How To Take Better Care Of Your Woolen Rugs And Carpets Carpets come in many different styles and fashions. They have a very long history. Modern carpets are not like their ancestors, however. Older carpets, for once, were made exclusively from wool, whereas modern ones are made of synthetics or plant products. As a certified and experienced carpet cleaning service, we have dealt with every type of carpet you can find on the market. Today we are going to tell you all about our favorite type of carpets – woolen ones. They have some advantages and also a couple of  [ Read More ]

Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips There are some commercial spot-cleaning agents, that remove the coating of the carpet and damage the dyes. We have several safe techniques for you. Organic stains – blood, berries, candy, chocolate, coffee, gravy, ice cream and others. Cleaner: The best carpet cleaning detergent for such stains is hydrogen peroxide. It breaks them down without harming the carpet and the colors. You can acquire it from any drug store. First remove any solid parts of the stain. Then blot the liquids and rinse several times.If the stain remains, treat it with soapy water, then rinse again. Mud  [ Read More ]

Quick Guide To Carpet Cleaning And Maintenance Most people use vacuum cleaners to take care of their carpets. But do you know how much dirt vacuums miss? Back in the day, door to door salesmen would spill some dirt on your carpet, vacuum it, then demonstrate how perfect his vacuum cleaner is. That, as you may already know, is not the reality that we live in. Most dirt gets in the threads and fibers of the carpet and doesn’t come out with vacuuming. Such stains and dirt are very hard to remove. We have several tips for you on how  [ Read More ]

Although most cleaning companies in Rancho Cucamonga, CA do offer a full checklist of cleaning services for their move in deep cleaning sessions, some of them still do not cover all the work you need done. There are two main cleaning tasks that require special professional equipment for which you will have to pay a bit extra. They are: Carpet cleaning Window cleaning What makes carpet cleaning so special? – You need to have professional steam cleaning or dry cleaning equipment to remove all the stubborn stains or dust from your rugs and carpets. A normal shampoo, applied with a  [ Read More ]